Welcome to Wataroo

Wataroo is a Watara SuperVision emulator. It was originally written after I lost a bet with Brandon Cobb. As with a genuine SuperVision, the best way to use this software is not at all.

As of writing Wataroo is closed source and only available for Microsoft Windows.

This program is intended as a development tool for and preservation of the SuperVision architecture. While it can be used to run commercial software I will neither assist nor prevent users from doing so. You are on your own.

More information can be found in the included help file. If you'd like to get thoroughly acquainted with this obscure platform, check out SuperVision : Handheld of the Less Fortunate.

My reverse engineering notes are available in EQU_WATARA.asm.

Emulated Hardware
  • KS5360 (65C02, LCD Controller, APU, Timer, DMA, and I/O)
  • Mappers : STANDARD and MAGNUM

Minimum Requirements
  • 1.6GHz Intel Core Solo
  • 256MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 95 + DirectX 7.0
  • DirectDraw or Direct3D Compatible Graphics Accelerator
  • DirectSound Compatible Audio Device

Bonus Binaries
  • Watara Hardware Test

Current Version
Wataroo 2021-5-28 Added
  • Upgraded to Visual C++ 6.0 SP5 + Processor Pack.
  • Optimization now favors Pentium Pro.
  • Complete rewrite of all the KS5360's modules.
  • Provisions for future TV-Link and Hybrid console support.
  • Overhaul of the interface and friendly features to match BupSystem v0.9.6.4.
  • Graphics API (GAPI) abstraction layer and NULL Render Path.
  • Upgraded to JoyFish v0.8.6.2.
  • 65C02's ABS,X and ABS,Y writes are now five cycles long.
  • Asynchronous display scanning and frame pushes now properly supported.
  • Timer's interrupt evaluation depends upon both count and phase.
  • ...and many others I've forgotten.


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