Welcome to BupSystem

BupSystem is an Atari 7800 ProSystem emulator. It was originally written to assist in the development and distribution of Rikki & Vikki, but can run most other software for the platform.

As of writing BupSystem is closed source and only available for Microsoft Windows.

This program is intended as a development tool for and preservation of the ProSystem architecture. While it can be used to run commercial software I will neither assist nor prevent users from doing so. You are on your own.

More information can be found in the included help file.

Emulated Hardware
  • Sally, Maria (NTSC or PAL), TIA, RIOT, and the BIOS
  • Mappers : 16K, 32K, 48K, SUPER, SOUPER, ABSOLUTE, and ACTIVISION
  • Expansion Modules : XBoard
  • Cartridge Audio : Pokey, BupChip
  • YIQ Color Generation
  • One and Two Button Joysticks
  • Light Pens and Light Guns

  • Gamepad Support
  • Sally and Maria Overclocking
  • Save States

Current Version
BupSystem 8-26-2019 Added :
  • Full Screen Mode toggle on double-click.
  • Upgraded to JoyFish v0.8.6.1.
Cleanup :
  • Improved keyboard navigation in dialogs, button focus and ordering is much friendlier.
  • Input assignment procedures can now be aborted by pressing Esc.
  • Full Screen Mode was overwriting the userís window dimensions.
  • EXFIX segment in SUPER cartridges wasnít enabled for *.a78 files.
  • AutoSave feature wasnít working if an XBoard was installed.


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